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Extensive experience in several fields including legal, pharmaceutical, medical, engineering, technical, patent, commercial,
IT, clinical, media, new technologies…
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Services and Specialisations

A good translation is the product of years of experience

Here is an overview of our skills and specialisations:

Fields of Expertise

Expertise in the following fields: Legal, Commercial, Marketing, Patents, Pharmaceutical and Medical Further extensive experience with: Engineering, New Technologies, Industrial, Psychology, Technical, Media, Film, Documentary, Beauty and Wellbeing

Types of Translation

CV, cover letter, official or personal letters, thesis, dissertation, certificates, legal documents, terms and conditions, contracts, internal regulations, commercial strategy, patents, glossary of terms, statutes, website, intranet, commercial documents, guides and user manuals, technical specifications, software, catalogues, press releases, internal communications, documentaries, presentations, interview transcriptions, reports, research proposals and projects, clinical studies.


Proofreading of your already-translated documents


Interpreting can take two forms, either face-to-face or “teleinterpreting” (e.g. via Skype…) Experience in all contexts: conferences, meetings, interviews, consultations… Professional and accessible linguistic support at reasonable prices


Government organisations, French hospitals, Hélioscopie, Solae, Eco-Keeper, Espace Cordeliers, Ville Forum… and many others have entrusted us with their translation projects


Examples of recent translations and reviews in the public domain:

“Your work was highly appreciated by all” Hélioscopie
“I really enjoyed working with you” Espace Cordeliers
“I have just read your translation and it is just perfect!” Eco Keepers

Thorough knowledge and ease with most media, formats and software

Extensive translation experience in these fields enables us to advise you on the content as well as the format of your document


To obtain a quote within 24 hours:


For maximum transparency and to facilitate comparison with competitors, prices are established on the basis of the French (source) document word count where appropriate

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